Remembering Aishwarya Beyond the Panorama November 9, 2020

Remembering Aishwarya

With her bags packed, calculators ready, and a big smile on her face, a 19-year old girl from a small village all the way in Telangana was ready to start afresh in a new city, thousands of miles away in the land of endless opportunities- New Delhi.

But soon it seemed the dreams of living the big city life were now laughing in her face, and mocking her for ever being hopeful in a world so cruel. 

It would be wrong to say someone has it worse or better than the other. It would be wrong to shame people about being ‘privileged’. 

Often we mix things up and stray away from the very point. We forget life. But we won’t forget Aishwarya. 

Ever since the pandemic, things looked bleak, and there was no sign of ‘the light at the end of the tunnel’. 

First vacating the hostel premises on such short notice, then the burden of attending online classes on her phone- the pressure was building up, but she lacked the facilities to channel her talent and intellect. A laptop. 

We admire Aishwarya for her courage, and bravery- she was an IAS aspirant, who came from the home of daily-wage earners- who mortgaged their house, pledged any jewelry of value that they had, and even compromised on the education of their second daughter, all so that Aishwarya could study, and get the education she always dreamed of. 

Aishwarya may have left us here on earth, but a part of her will always remain with us, gracing the hallways of college, and adding spirit to the red walls we know so well- truly adding meaning to the term we throw around so lightly, ‘The Magic of LSR’. 

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