Sadness, Grief, And Loss Beyond the Panorama July 13, 2021

Sadness, Grief, And Loss

Written by Sneha Shastri

A pall of gloom crept over our hearts, 

A sense of panic, a heart wrenching vibe, 

The sun seemed to cry, the winds moaned, there was only silence in the air, no tears left to cry. 

How long shall this hue of blue capture my heart? 

How long will this distance keep us apart? 

How long will the chaos take to turn into a calm? 

How long will I look at my family from a window of glass? 

How long will the world suffer from the loss? 

How long will this saddened air capsize our earth? 

How long will this deadly war last? 

Shall humankind be destroyed after all? 

A million thoughts storm through my mind. 

A million questions unanswered they lie

Still a ray of hope glistens from the far away sight. 

Let’s strive against all odds, this too shall pass. 



Sneha Shastri
Sneha Shastri

Apart from expressing her thoughts and opinions, Sneha also writes enthralling poetry and hard-to-put-down stories. 

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