Scarred Souls Beyond the Panorama September 24, 2022

Scarred Souls

indian poetry

At this point, don’t even know what to say,

My words have slipped, out of the way,

They have travelled some distant road,

I believe they found another abode,

I sat near my window pane,

Thinking my efforts have gone in vain,

This journey, it looks a standstill,

Broken hope and flustered will,

My emotions feel cold and hard,

Though this mind reels it as brittle and scarred,

Sentiments have howled like the fierce storms,

Ticking in my veins like time bombs,

The eyes have swollen,

And the tears, stolen,

My inability to say something,

Has closed me in an amber pumpkin,

The febrile confusion,

Has left me in a delusion,

The moment I had thought about day and night,

And worked for it with all my might,

Spent relentless hours,

And climbed the perplexing bars,

Till I even once burned out,

Didn’t stop, cause there wasn’t a doubt,

It was a dream that I had wanted,

Even when I felt daunted,

It was a dream so dear to me,

So clearly I could see,

All the days I had spent,

I fear, they went,

To some place else,

Now it feels like a mess,

All I had ever dreamt,


Some scientific change,

That brought nothing but rage,

The waves washed it away,

To some inaccessible bay,

These lines are ending,

And bending,

Towards a despairing note,

Floating like a boat,

What can I say,

The words only lay,

And vibrate like the harp,

Now covered by a garb.

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