Secrets Beyond the Panorama March 26, 2021


Written by Koyel Dasgupta


I venerate your portrait

I speak to you

Admonishing you-

“Show a little prudence while decision making!” 

My heart’s deepest trenches,

Nourishes our moments together.

Your coquetry was an insinuation,

Alas! My apprehensions came true.

You are my forever favourite appurtenance,

I loved you then;

I love you now.

Can you come back now and stay?

No, no, no, no,

You insolent, vicious girl,

You knew:

He was the light of my life

How dare you both fall in love?


The day I charged you?

Nonchalantly obstinate you were,

An innocent soul turned vindictive then,

Detestation intoxicated a beautiful heart.

I miss you.

All your idiosyncrasies haunt me now

Every night I wait for this hour,


lullabies are heard no more;

clouds hide the shining sphere.

Have you come?

Shh! Don’t speak

What if someone listens?

Let me light the candles,

This petrifying darkness is driving me mad.

Come and listen,

That dagger,

Bathed in your odour and blood,

Shall taste a new group of red liquid tomorrow.

Show acquiescence to this

You will, no?

Let me eliminate the cause too

That drove me to force you,

To sleep forever.

Go now, go,

Aurora’s harbinger shines now,

Come again,

Will tell you my victory story,

With complacency.

Koyel Dasgupta
Koyel Dasgupta

Koyel deeply admires reading books and watching movies, and then critically analyzing them to write down her thoughts on the same. She is also a poet, stitching together mesmerizing verses to express her creativity. 

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