Seeing is Believing Beyond the Panorama July 30, 2020

Seeing is Believing

At least that’s what we are told. Our body responds to a million different things happening around us, the most impressionable being quotes and directives given to us by others.

It’s human nature to follow the directions because that seems to be the safest way out, towards where we don’t know, but we just assume it is safe that way.

Quotes and idioms are time-based, situation-specific and are in multitude as and when the respective need arises. It becomes our responsibility to modify them according to our times, our state of affairs, and ease of adaptation. 

Every morning most of the users on social networking sites feel a sense of achievement by sending directions in the form of quotes, thinking that it makes a change in somebody else’s life. Ironically, it didn’t make any difference to theirs and neither was it adapted by them before referral. 

We read, think, and try to adapt for a while. During that process, maybe for a little while, it does affect our thought process but only to misdirect it in a way that has never been seen or felt. 

It is the social and moral responsibility of the senders to make sure of the depth of any and every quote which they wish to adapt and inculcate in others, as it not only consumes time and effort but also brings about a delusional state of mind that disables a common man from reaching forward.

Monica Suri
Monica Suri

Monica writes short stories about Vietnam and her experiences from travels across the world. 

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