Self Love Beyond the Panorama June 21, 2021

Self Love

By Apoorva Dixit

The last few years have been 

A constant reminder

That sometimes you will accept

Everything and everyone but yourself.

How your thighs look

When you sit comfortably

On a recliner and how your chipped teeth

Show up un-invited in every photograph.

And how sometimes your forehead

Is home to acne and you are too lazy

To make them find new places.

So today I say that I want to love myself,

And I want to do it in a way that

Somebody’s existence isn’t a threat to my own,

Which means that my cliche thoughts

And fidgety mind need space to exist.

Where the prettier girl down the lane 

Doesn’t remind me of my flaws.

I want to do it in a way that I want to forget

When granny told me that a fair complexion

Is the beauty standard and I may need to 

Get change my skin colour to find a perfect match.

I want to love myself in a way that 

I never hesitate to look at my body in the mirror 

And get reminded of the women 

On the magazine cover pages.

I want to love myself because 

My biggest victory isn’t the perfect body,

The complexion or the scholarship I got,

Neither the shields mom preserved nor the 

A+ grade I have been scoring all my life,

Rather my biggest conquest is getting up 

From the bed the day I didn’t want to. 

But I can’t put that on my resume.

I want to love myself because 

I have come a long way 

And dedicated enough to go more.

I want to love myself in a way 

That the next time somebody asks me

“Tell me about yourself”

I don’t tell them that I am someone with a ninety-five in tenth

And an engineer by chance,

Rather I tell that I am made

From millions of failures and thousands of heartbreaks.

I want to love myself in a way that 

Every breath is a constant reminder

“I am grateful for your existence”. 

I want to love my myself John Legend style

Where my heart sings,

“All of me, loves all of you”.

Apoorva Dixit
Apoorva Dixit

Apoorva writes movies and book reviews, poetry that makes you emotional, and her thoughts on society. 

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