She is an Alpha Beyond the Panorama March 24, 2021

She is an Alpha

Written by Divvya Gupta

She, even in her half, is not the pack – she is the Alpha,

She, doesn’t look for her knight – she holds up her sword to save her era!

She, even in her half, is madness and paradise,

She, sanity and fierce – with endless traces of sacrifice.

She, even in her half, braves her own fight,

She, flaunts her scars – others envy her glittery pride.

She, even in her half, is a beautiful savage,

She, never settles – she is modern and a hint of vintage!   

Divvya Gupta
Divvya Gupta

Divvya expresses her thoughts and creativity through her immaculate poetry that empowers and inspires the reader. 

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