She is Not Alone Beyond the Panorama September 30, 2021

She is Not Alone

Written by Archana Pathak

There she is,

with scars on her body and tears in her eyes, 

Cursing her own birth, in this world full of lies.

Always smiling amidst all the abuses,

when will she get the justice, the truth, that her soul so deeply craves? 

This society has no place for her sorrow,

because she has been trained to face the worse tomorrow.

Got beaten up again,

how will she survive, in this dirty game. 

Just reading about and waiting around for a change?

No my dear, this will never happen, unless we are fighting for the same.

So, what are you bringing to the table? 

How are you contributing in bringing about a revolution? 

Archana Pathak
Archana Pathak

Archana writes poetry that meaningful and impactful. She expresses her creativity through her words. 

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