Smile Beyond the Panorama August 27, 2020


Smile, for you are here just for a while.

After all you have walked but a mile.

Things may seem pretty hard and life unkind. 

Worry not,

it’ll be alright.

Smile, in spite of the fact that you’re swimming in the worries


The ferry will come one day and take you to the bay.

For if you stop swimming,

the waves will never keep you from drowning.

Smile, although life seems grossly unfair and it makes you rile.

Responsibilities rise, problems pile.

Time, it changes so does life’s rhyme.

For when you realize you’ll be overwhelmed,

but in the end

forget not, to smile.

Zaigam Akhtar
Zaigam Akhtar

Zaigam writes poetry, short stories, his thoughts on society, as well as his critiques on movies and books.

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