Is It Important To Be On All Social Media Platforms? Beyond the Panorama August 22, 2022

Is It Important To Be On All Social Media Platforms?

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Building & growing a social media presence is an essential element of a content marketing strategy. But is it important to be on all social media platforms? 

Not really! 

Every social media platform serves a different objective. Though the lines may be blurry, the audiences are on the platform with different mindsets. 

So that is really what should be ascertained, analyzed, and worked upon. What is the intention that people open the Instagram app with? Is it the same intention they would open up LinkedIn? 

Don’t think about your product or industry at this point. Just study behaviour patterns on social media platforms. 

Once you’ve charted this out, juxtapose it against your product/service and industry and see where the synergies lie. It could be possible that you need to be on all social media platforms but the strategy for each will be different. It could be that you need to be on just one social media platform and ace that. 

If you need help in studying social media platforms and building your brand strategy, schedule a call with our founder.

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