Soul Connections That Stretch Beyond The Panorama Beyond the Panorama August 27, 2022

Soul Connections That Stretch Beyond The Panorama

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On a tree-top overlooking the expansive ocean, a thought came to me suddenly, am I meant to be here? 

I wouldn’t be here if airplanes, trains, buses, and cars didn’t exist like in the ancient era. So why am I here today? 

People often say soul connections bind us together, that we’ve seen each other in past lives and continue to nurture that bond in the present. By that logic, I would like to believe that we have some destined connection with places too. 

How can I find myself in destinations I once never knew existed, on a random summer vacation, continents apart? Sure, money and exposure get you to these places, but it’s a little deeper than we realize. 

There is a type of ‘soul connection’ where things fall in place serendipitously. You don’t go looking for something or someone, but the universe finds a way to bring it to you. 

Other times, I believe it is karma rather than the destination itself. The experiences you have there, good or bad, teach you something you were meant to know, and this was the universe’s way of giving you these life lessons. Like a petty theft, an out-of-body skydiving experience, or even a cheesecake you tried at a local patisserie that forever changed your life. 

That, in the moment, seems like they add no value to your life, but in the long run, it was all part of some plan, crafted just for you, but unbeknownst to you. 

A twin flame can challenge, teach, and heal, and mythology claims this phenomenon refers to a single soul split into two, who spend the rest of their time here on Earth looking for each to finally be at peace. 

Maybe, that’s why we move around so much: from one trafficked lane to another, one bustling city to another, one unforgettable trip to another; all to find what we’ve been looking all our lives for, without realizing ourselves that we’re on this hunt, to be at peace where we were destined to finally. 

A place that fate wanted us to be. Is this the purpose civilization is so eager to discover? It feels like we have discovered it today, soul connections that stretch beyond the panorama. 

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