Soul To Soul Connection Beyond the Panorama June 6, 2020

Soul To Soul Connection


Soul to soul communication knows no limits, only desire to connect.

On the morning of 18th May, I woke up missing my dad who passed on 16 days ago. Ever since he crossed over, that day for the first time I cried inconsolably. I don’t know where the flood of tears came from. I asked him to appear to me and show me that he is around. It took a while for me to calm down and then I went on with my normal routine. Soon after I finished my chores, around 1:30 in the afternoon I placed myself in front of my altar to meditate. That day I was steered not to do the silent meditation, rather I was strongly nudged to grab my phone and go on to YouTube. Needless to say, after years of serving energies and working with the universe, I don’t pass any sign I receive. I dutifully did as I was guided. The first thing I noticed was a spiritual song which I have heard a million times earlier, so, thinking that was what Angels wanted me to listen to, I decided to listen to that but suddenly my phone slipped, and I got irritated. I noticed that I ended up clicking on another link “Jap Ji Shahib” path. Although I  understand Gurmukhi (the language Sikh scriptures are written in), I don’t have a strong command over it. So, I was sure that I won’t listen to that link but when I looked at the singer, so believing that to be a sign from the universe, I decided to play that video and meditate. I played the paath and closed my eyes. I was going deeper and deeper with every word that my subconscious was absorbing from that. I was in a trance when suddenly I heard my dad’s first name in the paath/chant and I heard his name three times at regular intervals. I knew that was the answer to my request I have made to him a couple of hours before I sat for mediation. I asked him to reveal to me that only the body has disappeared and the soul stays on and guides us whenever we seek guidance. 

That was not all. Exactly 15 seconds after I heard his name, my body temperature changed from warm to cold, stayed the same way for a couple of seconds and then returned to normal and later, maybe after 5 seconds passed, I clearly felt two gentle pats on my back just the way my dad would always do. I immediately turned around thinking maybe my son haad come back the grocery shop. But nobody was there. I again closed my eyes, smiled, and asked him, “Was that you?” but no answer came. Deep in my heart, I knew that was him. My spirit was enthralled and my happiness knew no limits. I was shining bright again. However, he answered my question in the evening.

That day I was scheduled to do an online card reading session for a client at 6 p.m. We started on time and the session went fantastically well. She was happy to receive the guidance she sought. I have this beautiful habit of doing a reading for myself before putting the cards back into the boxes. I followed the norm. I shuffled and as usual picked up one card for myself. I usually have a question to ask the Spirit but that day I had no question, so while shuffling, I asked the spirit, “What is it that you want me to know?” and I picked up one random card from the deck and when I flipped the card, I saw the card had only one word written- “YES”.

I was amazed at receiving that as the answer to my question. I pondered a lot but couldn’t decipher anything. I decided to think about it later and I started to pack the cards. The most amazing thing happened the next moment, my mind became blank for a couple of seconds and I started receiving the automatic message, “Didn’t you ask your dad, to show that it was him with you during your mediation throughout? ” and I was spellbound at the answer YES that came in the card reading.

With this experience, my faith in the fact that there is truly ‘NO COMING, NO GOING’ became stronger than ever before. The communication between souls continues to happen via deep inner silence. Signs are everywhere, we have to be aware enough to spot them and then decode them. It really doesn’t matter whether we are on a third-dimensional plane or fifth… We continue to travel together.

Savina Shah
Savina Shah

Savina Shah, Founder of Inspirit Insignia, is a spiritual healer. She heals people by helping them realize the power that resides within them. Savina writes about spirituality and poetry.

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    June 30, 2020, 9:36 PM

    “Soul to soul communication knows no limits, only desire to connect. ” – truth!!!

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