Stuck In Love Beyond the Panorama January 28, 2021

Stuck In Love

Written by Sourav Tripathy

Walking around holding hands

sharing mementos with emotions;

gazing at the night sky

with eyes wide open,

is what they do in love.

Grand gestures with flying speciality

is what they do to confess,

but I don’t understand why

The eyes never do the talking

or heart beats speak

in between human tumults.

Is it the euphoria of love

or the drug of oozing hormones

where they lose it all.

I stand with utter disbelief

with my soul burning over lava,

the way I feel about it

is the darkest of all.

I cry with petrified feelings

yet disobey the very law,

though tempted by worldly pleasure

my heart intends to not to fall in love.

Music tries to lift me up

yet I sit with horrified thoughts

because it is where I feel safe

from the cracking ideas of mad love.

Hatred is where I stand

but in clear thoughts of finding one

I still sit beside the stupid tree.

Over with the very ideas of vehemence

I stare with an empty heart,

thats when she arrived

with scariest stories to share.

She too liked being a nyctophile

and hearing whisper in winds,

that was the point

where I regained my faith in love.

Her stories drove me crazy

Gave me a rush with fears,

I held her hands 

defying the very rule of my thoughts.

She laughed and comforted me with care

that’s when I listened to the beat of her heart- 

thumping with the rate of my heart.

Love was yet to happen

but with a topping of silence

because it is where we matched

riding over our kindled past.

Sourav Tripathy

Sourav writes gripping stories, fascinating poetry, and about his ideas and thoughts on the world. 

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