Synchronicities are Happening All the Time Beyond the Panorama January 18, 2021

Synchronicities are Happening All the Time

Written by Savina Shah

Do you know that paying attention to and tapping into the strength of synchronicity is a means to hone in on your alliance with the Universe and create your destiny?

I know it appears like I’m duplicating myself as I have spoken/mentioned this many times in the past because it’s substantial to accentuate it especially these days. With all the chaos in the world, it’s easy to only reckon what seems to be real in that crazy habitat where the media reports only the drama and never of the stunning and goodness that prevails simultaneously. We are in a time of enormous transition and if we act on only what we see and are exposed to, we never learn the other side of the story. It’s easy to get squeezed in the challenges. However there is a leading tenet that connects us through meaningful coincidences that Swiss psychologist Carl Jung called synchronicity.

No matter the ephemeral situations, your intentions and energy are reflected through this unseen guidance. It’s like the universe acting anonymously on your behalf.

We have all had those uncanny coexistences at times. You think of somebody for the first time in years and then bump into him hours later. You hear people utter the same, evidently unpredictable phrase or a word three times in one day, and that phrase connects to a crisis you have been battling with. While in the grocery store, you meet the guy/girl you courted several years ago while you both stayed on the other side of the country. Or a colleague lends you the same book that your friend recommended to you the day before.

While at first, it’s easy to connive such mysterious and magical events as eerie coincidences, but they are far more potent than many of us know. These synchronicities are significant coincidences that your spirit attracts into your life to assist you in growing and evolving.

Synchronicities are the assurances of your eternal and infinite relationship with the Spirit/ Source/ Universe (whatever name you feel comfortable with) and the globe around you. Visualize each of us has a personal living chart of luck and destiny. You have your distinct path, and, just like a road map, your trail intersects with other ways. The moment of intersection is where co-occurrence/coincidence becomes momentous, and synchronicities are the signs that assist you in your final destination. If you are attentive, and intuitively take the benefit of synchronistic incidents, life becomes more safe, purposeful and mystical.

I share numerous instances of synchronicities in all my workshops but here’s an example of something that I experienced three months ago. I experience several hues and tints of signs from the universe all the time but I would like to share this one in specific because it’s about children and I call them RAINBOWS on the Earth.. The true angels! 

Three months ago, I did healing for three children. The common thing between them was, their children had the same kind of external spectrum autism. As you can comprehend, each parent was very frustrated with his/her child’s diagnosis. I’m not very familiar with autism, but once I finished each reading, and healing, I could offer them more guidance about their child. Later in the week, I heard from a friend in Hong Kong about this gentleman who runs a Center for Autism, in Hyderabad.

Before this discussion took place, and my friend tried numerous times to connect with me without success. Because we live in different time zones, we usually set a time and date; however, despite doing all of that, we could not connect. 

Just the day before we connected, I received a message from the Spirit to pay attention because my friend from Hong Kong will call me. Her call is on the way, and “DO NOT miss hearing from her this time” were the clear, crisp, and concise words I heard in my head. But this was possible, I thought, because without fixing the day and time, we have had never spoken to each other. 

But here is where it gets baffling! 

As told by the Spirit, my friend called me the next day at 11 am. I saw her incoming call, and I was dumbfounded. That was not all!

In addition to the synchronicity of hearing from her just any time of the day, during our conversation, she mentioned to me about Mr. Kundra and about sensory integration disorder that he works with, and that was just what all three of my clients’ children had been struggling with. Because of that synchronicity, I was able to give them more guidance and solutions. Isn’t that amazing? 

Synchronicities are happening all the time. You have to open your senses and trust. As you notice more synchronicities, more and more magic will happen in your life.

Although I do it all the time, this week, I’d like you also to start recording synchronicities in a journal. Take note of even small coincidences such as thinking about having a glass of chilled sparkling water!

PS: As I edit this piece of writing, it’s thundering here with a heavy downpour. To me, Angels are acknowledging and applauding me for choosing to write about synchronicity and autistic kids!

Caption- Most times we shrug off uncanny incidents as coincidences. But there’s more to know and understand. Nothing in life is random; everything is a reaction to the past. 

Savina Shah
Savina Shah

Savina Shah, Founder of Inspirit Insignia, is a spiritual healer. She heals people by helping them realize the power that resides within them. Savina writes about spirituality and poetry.

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