That Summer Magic Spell! | Sneha Shastri Beyond the Panorama March 19, 2021

That Summer Magic Spell! | Sneha Shastri

    My toes wrinkled within the hot sand. With sun-kissed cheeks I sat looking at the infinite waters, and the busy beach folks. Summers had always been the best time of the year for me, I enjoyed solitude at different beaches, I enjoyed the orange skies and the blue seas. I enjoyed the summer breeze and the not so enjoyable tans. 

   I had no affinity for squad trips and socializing. People of all kinds of varieties didn’t interest me. Right back from school I was a kid who lived in her own world of fantasy and drama. Summers gave me that relief that I always longed for, the eternal chance to stay far away from the crowd. 

    That day at the Salvadore Beach was quiet different for me, an experience that I had never had before. While the sky was adorned with parachutes, a man with brown hazel eyes and dark brown hair came riding his motor boat, crystal clear water making him wet. I stood still at the shore, water wetting my feet and tried to avoid eye contact with this new fascinating stranger. But after few minutes while I was lost in my sea watching hobby someone tapped my shoulder. 

    It was the same person, now giving me a smile, and my face turned pale with nervousness. I had no idea how to continue conversations, giving a not so wide smile I continued to stare at the waves. “I am John, a tourist and I love talking to different people, already made friends here, mind meeting them? ” he said. I cursed myself for not being able to converse well and said in a low voice, “Yea, Sure”. For the first time I had agreed on meeting people, and surely it was because of the magic spell cast by Mr. John. 

     As the sun sank down and the sky turned pink, I was that person who I was never before. Under the lights, holding cocktail glasses, I was dancing my heart out and enjoying the company of the people around me. John was sitting by the counter, watching us dance to party tunes and for the first time I felt that I had lived my summer. Summer had always been the best, and that summer evening had made me enter into a new sphere of life.

   “The summer that I always loved had made me meet the man I love”, I said to the crowd eagerly listening to my story by the sea shore. “We are both 70 years old now, enjoying our summer vacation as always, the only difference being John is now not so strong enough to ride his motor-boat.”

Written by Sneha Shastri

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