The Beauty of Perspective Beyond the Panorama October 17, 2020

The Beauty of Perspective

Flowers bloom in the meadow

Blessing of the serene spring

Butterflies hover around on them

Oh, what a vision they bring!

Winter is a bit dry though

We’re all chilly at our knees

No breaths are taken in

To witness the rows of bare trees.

But the snowflakes are spectacular

And if you are really careful to hear

You can feel the festive laughing

As the empty branches quiver.

Winter has its own appeal

And I bet you if we were taught so 

We’d never once wonder

Where’d its charm go?

The thing is we praise everything with beauty

But how can we ever define 

How can the standards of something so natural 

Ever be confined?

We say beauty is talent

We say beauty is inherent

But we don’t see the beauty made stagnant 

By our delusional deterrents.

Because beauty isn’t what we see

But rather how we see it 

You can’t ever experience beauty

Unless you feel it

You have to let it bloom inside you

Like a flower frail and fair

For only way you can see true beauty

Is by believing it is there.

And the day you start believing

The day your penchant eye is set free

You’ll see the lines of beauty drawn across

Every bare tree.

Mihika Agrawal
Mihika Agrawal

Mihika expresses her creativity through poetry, storytelling, and reviews on books and movies. 

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