The Best Poems From 2022 Beyond the Panorama December 11, 2022

The Best Poems From 2022

best poems

Memories. Laugher. Happiness. And a sense of an indescribable, looming feeling of hope. That’s the spirit we’re heading into 2023 with!

That’s the note we’re ending this whirlwind of a year with. To sum of all the emotions and the ups and downs we’ve encountered this year, there’s nothing that can capture the feeling quite like a piece of poetry.

So, here’s to 2022! Let’s celebrate with the best poems of the year:

1. The Castaway

best poems

Delving deep into the concept of peer pressure, this poem intricately puts into words all the thoughts, epiphanies, and contemplations that people from all age groups face. It makes you wonder, and in a sense marvel at all that’s happening in the world.

2. An Ode To The City That Never Sleeps

best poems

Mumbai! Always buzzing, constantly moving. Whether you’ve seen the city or not, you have certain expectations – and it exceeds them all. Mumbai, for the lack of a better word, is simply magic.

3. This Is What Today Feels Like

best poems

A day where everything goes wrong and you just don’t feel like doing anything. Big. Fat. Mood! Save this poem for one of those days for a little solidarity and a smidge of motivation 🙂

4. It’s 2022. Don’t Forget Your Mental Health!

best poems

Does this need an explanation? Good vibes, and good vibes only! Read this poem for a positive start to the new year, as we eagerly await an opportunity for a fresh start. (Mental) health is wealth!

Which one was your favourite?

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