The Best Poems of 2022, so far Beyond the Panorama May 14, 2022

The Best Poems of 2022, so far


Poetry is an expression of the soul.

This holds true not only for the poet himself but also for the reader. Sometimes, we find something valuable, something relatable in places we least expect them to; and for us, that place is poetry. 

There’s a lot out there to explore, and for beginners, it can get quite confusing, even overwhelming. That’s why we’ve listed out the best poems from this year!

Here are 3 poems you should add to your reading list:

1. Hustlin’ and Bustlin’

If the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s to take life as it comes. A lot of what happened in the past 2 years has been overwhelming and all too new, but overall they have been learning experiences. For the poetess, she realised the hustle culture meant nothing to her except materialistic desires and time away from the things that actually mattered. Gone are the days where 9-5 seemed doable and spending time away from family seemed like a good idea. We are all changed people. 

2. The Things I Never Said


Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to say something, but didn’t dare speak up for fear of confrontation? Well, then this poem is a must-read for you. No one is asking you to face your fears and come out in the open with unspoken words, all we’re asking you to do is acknowledge how much bottling things up will impact you in the long run. 

3. A Quiet House by the Sea


A serene beach. A lovely house. But the late-night parties and reverberating loud music disturbs the peace and calm of the tranquil waters. Read as our protagonist gets trapped into the throes of a life he didn’t want to live, with over-the-top people and foreign substances, and witness his journey – right from the downfall to his metaphorical rebirth. 

2022 has already been a wild year so far! We’ve laughed, cried, learnt new lessons, and made new memories.

We hope these poems inspired you to explore your artistic side! Do recommend your favourite poems from this year so far and we’d love to read them 🙂

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