The Black Hole Beyond the Panorama September 10, 2020

The Black Hole

Sitting in the balcony space 

With the breeze touching my cheeks

The warmth of black coffee

Spreading through my body

I search for a trace of joy in me

All I could do is keep searching 

In the never-ending spiral 

I put my hand up and ask for help

All I could reach was a blank mind space

With the dazing flame of hope

I think of surrendering 

To the black hole of insecurities 

But something is holding me back 

It is something unknown 

Something not defined yet

It is struggling to keep me from drowning into the never-ending darkness 

With a size so small and energy so high

It is trying to push me to find a light

I am still trying and trying

One day I will keep the flame of hope brighter 

And see a vision that is clearer without my fears infecting it. 

All I could do now is trust the unknown familiar stranger.

Ramathillai Chockalingam
Ramathillai Chockalingam

Rama writes captivating stories, poetry, all about her adventurous travels and her thoughts on society and culture.

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