The Castaway Beyond the Panorama November 27, 2022

The Castaway

indian poetry

From pizzas and cakes to caviar and high tea,
This an ode to the girl I never thought I’d be.
When backpacks and lunch boxes became shoulder bags and wrist watches,
I’m still unsure,
But I slowly watched myself transition from storybooks to self-help books for sure.
I hear the common word, this disease is called ‘adulting’,
But sometimes I think it’s a little more groundbreaking.
It’s competition. The ugliest form of peer pressure.
It’s the feeling of clinging onto childhood and innocence,
Yet still forcing yourself to grow up somehow
Even though you weren’t ready.
It’s a battle of conflict in your own mind,
Promising yourself you’d get there in time –
Except you don’t know where. Where do you have to go?
You’re in the race to get to the top,
But you don’t know where to stop,
Because your idea of sucess and happiness was snatched away,
When you lost the battle and became a castaway.

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