The Cold Wind & He Beyond the Panorama July 14, 2021

The Cold Wind & He

Written by Ambirneya Kannan

Sanam got the goosebumps as the wind grew colder and bitter. She went near the window and turned back to look at the clock hanging on the wall beside the bed; it was 1:49 a.m.

She held the window bars and drowned into the memories of her love, which gave her the happiest moments in her life.

She heard her heartbeat pick up pace as she thinks of how fast her bike ride was, like the child who was on the bike for the first time in her life. Back then she didn’t think that she was going to ride with him ever again.

She took a deep breath, and opened her eyes hoping that she would lean on his shoulder, on which she used to take weep and laugh. But there are only the wooden window bars which were not alive.

The chillness of the midnight wind touched her as she reminiscing the first touch of her love at the beach.

Her hair strands started to dance and formed a small tangle. It seemed like the way she danced with him and tangled up within the hugs & cuddles.

She closed her eyes to imagine his brown eyes, pale skin, dark beard, as they were her rainbow colours. Thinking of feeling them by her touch which makes him smile. Then a small smile bloomed at the end of her lip, seeing his smile in her imagination.

The calmness of the night reminded her of the man who slept beside her on the bed peacefully. The night they made love for the first time. Then they didn’t know that they were going to fall in love as deep as the ocean, which they could float up even though they knew how to swim up.

Tears fell from her eyes, like the drizzling rain, as they stopped at a coffee shop on the roadside. The drinks they shared, the talks they exchanged about looking into each other’s eyes were faded away as she open her eyes with tears.

She tried to wipe the tears off her cheeks, on which he used to kiss her lightly and rub his dark beard with, as she was some kind of pretty soft flower that should be felt gently. 

A deep and fierce breeze of night wind touched her, as she was thinking of her lover, whom she was missing as much as the night misses the moon.

Ambirneya Kannan<br>
Ambirneya Kannan

Ambirneya writes poetry and heartwarming stories that strike a chord within you. 

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