The Controversy Behind ‘Perhaps’  Beyond the Panorama September 8, 2021

The Controversy Behind ‘Perhaps’ 

By Ambirneya Kannan

Perhaps a home,

Which you never want to leave,

Perhaps a book,

That you want to read over and over,

Perhaps a dark sky with twinkling stars,

That you can’t take your eyes off,

Perhaps a full moon,

That leaves you praising its beauty,

Perhaps a Diwali night,

With different colours lighting up the sky,

Perhaps a dream,

That makes you pray not to wake,

Perhaps a feeling,

That causes the butterflies in your stomach,

Perhaps an illusion,

That makes your heart skip a beat,

Perhaps a mirage,

Which creates the thirst in your lonely heart,

Perhaps a lie,

That shatters your trust. 

Perhaps the things that you’re supposed to like,

Never did end up impressing you. 

Ambirneya Kannan
Ambirneya Kannan

Ambirneya writes poetry and heartwarming stories that strike a chord within you. 

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