The Day The Downpour Wouldn’t Stop  Beyond the Panorama February 4, 2023

The Day The Downpour Wouldn’t Stop 

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It was only in the winter that I missed the rain. 

The whole world saw crisp springs, sharp summers, and weary winters, but not everyone experienced the romance of the rains. 

I closed my eyes and shuffled rain sounds on my phone, willing my mind to take me away to a paradise that I knew only existed within my dreams. 

It didn’t work. 

I craved for the day last year, the day the downpour wouldn’t stop,

The day I walked around the city, soaked to the bone as I wondered why anybody would find comfort in the rain. 

It didn’t strike me then, but it irks me now; how we only realize the value of things, of moments, once they’re gone. 

Like the homely scent of wet mud, the colourful landscape of oversized umbrellas, and the non-existent hum of a dramatic soundtrack playing in the background. 

I crave sitting by the ocean shore, taking in the vastness of the sea at a time when nobody did so. 

I reminisce about meeting a stranger who felt the same way I did, as we spoke for hours and hours, till the gloomy grey skies turned black in the dead of the night. 

I get nostalgic about the feeling of hope, of happiness, of love, as I watched him disappear into the dark nothingness, knowing very well I won’t be meeting him again anytime soon. 

It’s 2023. I did get his name and his number. 

But it’s 2023. I obviously didn’t do anything about it. 

There’s just a fond memory I have of the day the downpour wouldn’t stop. 

To the rest of the world, there’s nothing I could dread more. 

But to me, there’s nothing I could crave more right now. 

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