The Facade That We Put On Beyond the Panorama April 29, 2021

The Facade That We Put On

Written by Roopa Radhakrishnan

There is a part of me that wants  

to be brutally honest to you,  

that wants to bring out the 

hypocrisy that consumes you,

But I try my level best to be nice to you. 

I pretend to like you, 

in order to maintain peace, 

in order to not offend you

But you’re calling for trouble yourself, 

digging your own grave by calling me 

fake and all those other terrible 

things that no one wants to hear.

If I’m fake, then so are you, so is each 

and every individual that exists in the world,

Not by choice but by a lack of choice 

Rather than finding fault in others, 

I hope you look at yourself first.

Portraying an image to satisfy others 

is not something I’m happy with 

Nor do I intend to continue this facade. 

Okay, I will stop pretending, 

but will people start accepting? 

Can they deal with the real me? 

I asked this question because 

the world revels in fakeness 

Everyone wears a mask, hiding their real 

self and projecting a faultless image. 

You say, you want to remove the  

fake masks that other people wear 

In the process, will your own mask will stay intact? 

Roopa Radhakrishnan
Roopa Radhakrishnan

Narrating her tales on parenting, Roopa also writes reviews and raw poetry that takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. 

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