A Diwali Surprise Beyond the Panorama November 10, 2020

A Diwali Surprise

Written by Sneha Shastri 

 It was a cold evening. A girl with red cheeks and pale cold hands walked across the fully lit street. She looked at the beautifully decorated homes and the brilliant fairy-lights. She could smell delicious meals being cooked in the rich houses of the street. 

 She looked at the sky to see only a single star shining bright, all alone just like how she was. It was Diwali but this year she had no enthusiasm, her spirits were low, she had lost herself. She was away from home, away from the town that painted her soul bright. Her eyes welled up and she regretted the decision of leaving home. She felt guilty of being over ambitious. Nevertheless she wanted to fulfill her dreams.

 She walked back home, only to see her neighbors happily lighting lamps and celebrating the joy of the festive season. The kids ran around with a bag of goodies and she saw her own self in the girl with a pink frock. It had been six months since she spoke to her family and her heart longed to get back home. 

  As she entered her room, she decided to celebrate her glory of being independent and started lighting up her house.  She was confused about what to wear, what sweets to buy and what to post on her social media. She wished she had her parents and brother at that time to give her those bitter-sweet advices. She was lying on the sofa with her eyes closed when she heard the door-bell ring. Her muscles had no strength now even to open the door. Wearily she walked to the door and what she saw on opening it brought a golden glow on her face.

  “I felt you couldn’t decide on your new post, so I came here along with Mom and Dad to help you out. Come on lets decorate your house, no wonder why I call you a lazy bug”, and then the house turned into a home and the festival of lights brought back love and happiness.

Sneha Shastri
Sneha Shastri

Apart from expressing her thoughts and opinions, Sneha also writes enthralling poetry and hard-to-put-down stories.

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