The Greatest Show You’ve Never Seen Beyond the Panorama July 11, 2020

The Greatest Show You’ve Never Seen

starry skies

Can’t see the stars above

Though they glitter in my eyes nevertheless.

The yellow in the room

The yellow also in my head.

Might just be a time machine

My fathers records

The dark eerie balcony

A stormy night 

Which puts the power lines to sleep

A night of endless wonder.

Never knew a canvas

As large as the one that I’ve been painting

Yet nothing there for anyone to see

There’s an owl which sings to me

A language only we share.

The song is just the one

But the lyrics are never the same.

Of course there’s room for two

But I don’t know who else is buying

For now the show goes on

All my favorites

In the greatest show you’ve never seen.

<strong>Siddhant Kumar</strong>
Siddhant Kumar

Siddhant puts down his thoughts and feelings in beautifully crafted short stories and poetry.

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