The Guiding Light | Ghazal Tanvir Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

The Guiding Light | Ghazal Tanvir

My Eyes Search for That Guiding Light,

Which will every Moment Bright,

That will Clearly Part the Wrong from Right,

And Devoid my life of any Fright.

I look for That Guiding Light Everywhere,

In Plains and Moors, Distant and Near,

In Eyes and Skies, Misty or Clear,

And Certainly in Darkness, to Ward off Fear.

My Quest for That Guiding Light goes On and On,

I search for It every Hither and Yon,

It’s the Hope, which my Life Dwells Upon,

Hence, I Desire to see it Anon.

The Sight of That Guiding Light shall be a Moment to Behold,

I know, It will Depart all my Miseries–Present and Untold,

And It will Make my Thinking Veracious and Bold,

It’s a Blessing Relieving Me from things Futile and Old.

Written by Ghazal Tanvir

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