The Handicapped Bird And The Perfectly Healthy Ones Beyond the Panorama July 8, 2021

The Handicapped Bird And The Perfectly Healthy Ones

Written by Shubham Kumar

In a land far away, there was once a saint. The Villagers used to take his blessings and advice when they are going to perform new tasks or undertake a ritual. 

Once, a farmer came to the saint and asked for his blessings because he was going to the town to earn money. The saint asked the reason. He replied saying that his crop did not grow well because of the lack of water, so he needs more money to feed his family for a whole year. The saint blessed him and told him to earn money and then return, not to get trapped in the illusion of the city.

The saint found that the same farmer had returned to the village after 5 days, so he went to him and asked why he was back. The farmer narrated the whole story:

“I was going to the town, but I had to stop midway as the sun was setting, so I decided to take rest under a ficus tree for that day. I saw a handicapped bird was residing in the nest on that tree.

I had been wondering how that handicapped bird was alive. As he is unable to fly, how does he get his food? Then, I noticed some birds that were flying in the sky, returning their home, and many of them were dropping few grains in the nest of the handicapped bird. 

In the end, he got enough grain to eat for an entire day. I had my food which I brought from the village and then tried to sleep, but the whole night passed thinking about  one thing. When God is providing food to that handicapped bird, wouldn’t he provide some for me too? The next morning, I decided to return home…” The farmer ended his sentences with this line.

It’s good to know that you believe that God helps everyone in some ways, but it’s sad to hear that you choose to be the handicapped bird, instead of being the bird who gives grains to the handicapped bird.

Shubham Kumar<br>
Shubham Kumar

Shubham writes short stories and poetry that deliver a powerful message and make you think twice. 

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