The Hardest Goodbye Beyond the Panorama May 10, 2021

The Hardest Goodbye

beyond the panorama

Written by Aishwarya Sethi

You used to call me every day
it was part of our routine
Some I received, some I missed
Blaming my busy scene.

You used to cook all my favourites when I visited you
Some I ate
Some I couldn’t
Saying, ”Nani, ”you know I am on diet”.

How I wish to snatch those moments
Those missed calls and lovely dishes
Nothing do I regret more
Than moments of missed love and carefree kisses.
Your constant worrying
Which I used to brush off saying ”Nani, I am alright”
I wish I had been more prudent for all those moments you made me feel alive.

It wasn’t enough
You have gone too soon
The burning sun and soothing moon, still remind me of you.

You promised you would share everything
Yet here I am all alone
Missing my last chance to say goodbye
Missing my dearest chaperone. 

until we meet again…

Aishwarya Sethi
Aishwarya Sethi

Aishwarya writes captivating stories. She is an aspiring director and often pens down her take on the filmy world. Aishwarya is also a fitness enthusiast.

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