The Hoax I believed In Beyond the Panorama January 15, 2023

The Hoax I believed In

indian poetry

Did you ever care,

About the minutes we shared? 

Or atleast I thought,

Because we never talked… 

People tell me, he never loved you,

Because if he wanted to, he would- 

Talk to you with his full heart,

And strike his arrow to my dart. 

My heart broke into a thousand little pieces,

When you decided to cut me off. 

Our eyes that had met,

But now I know it was wretched,

I was foolish to think it was a sweet berry,

When all of it for you was a sorcery. 

Do you ever feel guilty

For being the one who ghosted me?

We had been strangers,

Free from dangers. 

We are strangers now as well

But thinking about you is a living hell,

I wish you could have at least listened to my voice,

The way I wanted to tell you with so much grace and poise – 

But now I know it would have never made a difference,

Because you could never make an inference,

About how I would have been that desert dune,

Even in the month of June. 

I wish I could tell you the way you looked at me,

Was the first time I had felt so free. 

I really wanted my life to have you in it,

Now I want you to regret every single bit. 

I want you to realize that what you did was never right,

That you lost the person who would have put up a fight – 

Who would have saved you from the deadliest fires,

Who would have braved through endless storms to quench your honest desires. 

But I know you never cared,

Because you never dared,

To actually exchange words,

And you became the caged bird,

Who was satisfied with the same feather,

Who nested your dreams in brown leather,

So my earnest wish is for you to be joyous,

And I’ll be someone anonymou / 

Who, I hope, will be able to let go the idea of us,

And forget about our fictitious trust.

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Aanya Mehta
Aanya Mehta

Apart from reviewing books and movies, Aanya also pens down her thoughts through poems and short stories. 

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