The Journey of Life Beyond the Panorama March 22, 2021

The Journey of Life

Written by Ritika Bawa

I have a journey, you have your own,

A journey we have lived, a journey we have known,

A journey with ups, a journey with downs, 

A journey of smiles, a journey of frowns,

Each is unique, each is beautiful in its own way,

Each has a story to narrate, something to say,

All we need to do is to embrace it with love and compassion, 

And move on despite all troubles and live a life of satisfaction,

Despite the various sorrows of our life we can achieve brilliance,

Only if we decide to grow through grief and develop resilience! 

Ritika Bawa Chopra
Ritika Bawa Chopra

Ritika is an avid poet, storyteller and a passionate photographer who loves to narrate her experiences through her written words

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