The Light Within | G Pavithra Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

The Light Within | G Pavithra

I’ve passed through many a hallway

searching for the tiniest ray of hope

I’ve lain, with a lump in my throat, for days

wishing never to see the light of day  

I have been alone and cold,  lonely and shivering, with no one to hold

I have yearned for the touch of sunlight

like moss on the ocean floor 

Now, from a better place I realize

that I, I made it through hard times

So, what am I really searching for outside,

when I shine with the glory of my inner light? 

So I go where my thoughts take me

seeking the light within  

A light whose ethereal presence  

hath rendered me sanguine 

The road out there may be lonesome and dreary,

the scent of many a person’s wrath lingering,

But I needn’t feel worn out and weary, when within me,

the eternal light is shining. 

I’ll be my own lighthouse 

Saving my vessel from the ocean’s wrath 

I’ll be my own lantern 

Illuminating the trail, even if it isn’t a primrose path 

When I walk alone in life’s cloisters, 

I don’t look for the moon or the sun 

For I know my light will lead the way 

Through unexplored lanes, unnerved by none  

There was a time when the splendour did daunt me 

I stayed so long in the gloom 

It blinded me with its brilliance 

Shedding its beams in my musty room 

Oh, how wondrous is that light!  

A beauty beyond comprehension 

It flickers like a thousand fireflies 

Unmatched in grandeur, though incorporeal 

No more am I afraid of the light 

The light in me, to which, everything else succumbs  

I’ll embrace the halo and let it stay 

And hide no more, when daylight comes 

So I go where my feet take me seeking the light within 

For even when times are tough and darkness envelopes  

My inner light is enough. 

Written by G Pavithra

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