The Look of Love Beyond the Panorama September 16, 2022

The Look of Love


I know it’s love,

Atleast it looks like from the clouds above, 

The look of love gives you the butterflies, 

And makes you feel like a prize, 

This love may not be as true as the Bible,

But it does make easy our survival, 

The many dollars cannot replace this elation, 

Because the life that we live after is ‘simplification’ 

I do not say that life will be a cakewalk, 

It most certainly will not, 

But the intensity of this feeling, 

Will lead to scars healing, 

This love brings all the stars to the centre, 

And makes us enter, 

The world of beautiful possibilities, 

Holding hands for infinity,

Knowing that we will be together, 

Among the boundless fields of lavender, 

This love may not be like the chronicles of Shakespeare,

It doesn’t have to be tangled, rather becomes more clear, 

The tenderness of this bond,

Kept me wondering in a pond 

Full of dramatic yet dreamy scenarios, 

Perfuming the aura like musk rose, 

This love should be experienced by all, 

Who have struggled to break the walls, 

It brings nothing but solitude to the wit, 

And sweetness to the soul that sits, 

In this overwhelming and selfish world,

And our minds whirled, 

Sometimes this love is unrequited, 

And it’s terribly one sided, 

They say that that it will fade away

 But they don’t know the pain, 

Of letting go of someone you truly want, 

Not because their love daunts, 

But because you felt something like never before,

And you opened the door, 

Of what it felt like being in love, 

You realized that it was just a mourning dove,

Hoping for the day to feel it again,

Accepting the reality because you didn’t gain, 

That thing that felt like affection, 

Waiting for enchanting recollections, 

Of the days gone by, 

Waiting for, with a sigh. 

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