The Love I Give To Myself Beyond the Panorama July 29, 2021

The Love I Give To Myself

Written by Aayushi Shandilya

Lost in the city hustle, 

I walked silently by the lights. 

A gentle wind 

coming off from the beach caressed me. 

It felt like a refreshing drink 

I had, not sure how long back. 

It’s been long since

I last had a date with myself. 

Each day waking up, 

dragging my unwilling self out of the bed, 

Taking a warm shower, 

just to get me through 

the cold as dead ambience at my workplace. 

I forgot to live,

I’d forgotten to pamper myself. 

So, I slacked off today. 

and stepped onto the beach. 

Leaving my slippers behind, 

walked bare foot

over the cold sand in the night.  

My foot felt numb

But my heart was warm,

dancing along with my legs and arm. 

I sat by the shoreline all night

Watching the moon be at its beautiful best. 

I took my jacket off and laid down for a while. 

Playing with water,

As it smelt of salt.

I got drenched,

As the waves spurt. 

I sat there, 

Till the first rays of dawn,

Watching the sun rise from over the horizon.  

Hung up on all the sweet moments,

Of the love that I allowed myself that night,

I walked back to my abode,

Happily, forgetting all my plight. 

Aayushi Shandilya<br>
Aayushi Shandilya

A lover of poetry, Aayushi reads and writes imaginative concepts and verses that strike a chord within you

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