The Man in the Lobby Beyond the Panorama December 1, 2020

The Man in the Lobby

There is a man in the lobby

He will say nothing, just stare at you

Standing in the corner

When you go out or come in

He won’t say a thing

But his eyes will follow your footsteps

Counting one, two, three, infinity

Infinity, three, two, one.

He will pacing up and down, 

Go here and there in the lobby,

Only when no one is around.

But when there is chaos and life in the lobby,

He will just stand in the corner.

Oh, Man in the Lobby

See I have come to meet you

I want to see you, talk to you,

Where have you gone now?

See, there is no one out here

Only me and perhaps you

You can come out from your hiding place

We will meet then and talk about things,

One thing, or just nothing.

Kanhaiya Shah
Kanhaiya Shah

An opinionated writer and a deep thinker, Kanhaiya also loves to write poems and connect with his spiritual side. 

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