The Moonlit Night Beyond the Panorama September 21, 2021

The Moonlit Night

Written by Tanvi Das

Starry night, shining up in the night sky,

I see the beautiful moon placed up so high.

I see you standing under the moonlight,

Your face glowing softly and bright.

I walk up behind you and hold you in my arms,

Your poise as graceful and expressions a charm.

I take your soft and fragile hand in mine,

Your skin as soft as cotton and rings thy shine.

We glide around in a sprightly dance,

Your starry gaze held in my glance.

You spin around like a ballerina, your gown flowing around.

You look like a goddess, newly found.

We sway and whirl around the floor,

Your moves so refined, like no one has ever seen before.

Our steps harmonized, our bodies flowing away,

“To be fond of dancing is a certain step towards falling in love.”, I would say.

The clock strikes midnight, we come to a stop,

The lake below shines likes a million crystals, from the moonlight at the top.

We look at each other lovingly, hands firmly held still,

I have always loved you and I always will.

Tanvi Das
Tanvi Das

Tanvi writes gripping short stories and poetry that makes you wonder about things you never did before.

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