The Most Read Blogs Of 2022, So Far Beyond the Panorama September 6, 2022

The Most Read Blogs Of 2022, So Far

most read blogs of 2022

This year has been a mixed bag of emotions. There have been ups and downs, highs and lows, but there have been lessons. Many of them. 

Just like 2022 has offered a variety of experiences, each with its own set of teachings, these 5 blogs have different messages, each with a unique callout. 

Here are the top 5 BTP blogs from the year and why they stood out: 

1. One Year On: For Everyone Who Lost a Loved One to COVID

most read blogs of 2022

Re-living the tragedy of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is like a supercut of some of the most painful moments of your life. This article divulges the ‘time will heal’ concept and discusses the reality of grief and loss: you never really heal; you just move on. 

2. Why Did I Choose To Leave The US And Move Back To India?

most read blogs of 2022

Moving to the USA and starting a new life sounds all glamorous and movie-like, but no one really talks about what life is really like in foreign and faraway countries. Factors you once considered trivial can be game-changers, frivolities one day turn to priorities, and privacy soon kicks into loneliness. Read the honest description of the ‘American Dream’ in this article.

3. Why Do We Respect The Dead More Than The Living?

most read blogs of 2022

The title makes you think, doesn’t it? Some people believe that with death comes forgiveness, and others find problems with this concept. What are your thoughts on this subject? What are your experiences? Read this blog, and let’s discuss! 

4. From Bedtime To Brands, The Power Of Storytelling

most read blogs of 2022

Storytelling is the essence of humankind. Even today, the brands that tell a story are the ones that stand out to be successful. But why? What strikes a chord within us and appeals to our emotions? This blog breaks down why storytelling works so well to connect with an audience on a personal level. 

5. 6 Life Lessons You Can Learn From My Grandfather

most read blogs of 2022

Grandparents teach you morals. They teach you the difference between right and wrong. But the most important lessons are those that teach you about the real world, times when the world cheats you and how you have to brave the most demanding challenges with a smile on your face. And no one can teach you this better than those who have undergone these experiences themselves, done it time and again, no one like your grandparents.

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