The Night Sky Beyond the Panorama July 10, 2020

The Night Sky

night sky

The Night Sky

 The luminous moon, 

With all its phases, 

Is just like the humans. 

It has its highs and its lows. 

The moon with all its scars,

 Is just as beautiful as me or you. 

The moonlight, origin of all my fantasies, 

Appears icy on days I’m sad, and warm on days I’m elated. 

The night sky,

For some is symbolic of the dark, 

But for me, it is just absence of light, 

The light which at times makes your vision blurry, 

you seek refuge in the moonlight to intoxicate your thoughts. 

The moon, the king of the night sky, 

Has a gazillion stars as its companion. 

And I wonder, if the shooting stars are the messengers of mercy! 

I wonder, if the distant star that my little brother thinks to be our great grandma is smiling upon us, showering blessings from heaven. 

I wonder, if I’m the lover of the night sky, and it is my soulmate, 

Because it has stayed there, with me, for what seems like an eternity. 

And I wonder, if this is the forever I’m seeking. 

<strong>Kaavya Singh Chaudhary</strong>
Kaavya Singh Chaudhary

Kaavya, a student at SRCC, writes engrossing poetry, and thought-provoking stories about culture and society.

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