The Omnipresence of Pain Beyond the Panorama August 2, 2021

The Omnipresence of Pain

Written by Archita Nayak


those gaps between my fingers

were supposed to be filled by yours.

But, sadly,

there’s just air.


Air, scientifically, a mixture of gases,

but, here in the world of my poetry,

it is a mixture of pain, anxiety, insecurity.

And now, as I’ve told you this,

do you realize why this is suffocating,

just by breathing?

Those gases are meant to be shapeless,

then why do they take shape of pain

and haunt me?

Thus, pain is everywhere.

I inhale pain from the air

and exhale pain from my lungs.

it chokes me, then brings me to life

it gives me misery, then brings me to the reality of my life, 

it’s everywhere.

Archita Nayak<br>
Archita Nayak

Archita is a storyteller and poet, using her creativity to narrate experiences, reviews, and thoughts on spirituality.

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