The Shadow Of Life Beyond the Panorama November 1, 2021

The Shadow Of Life

Written by Ayush Banerjee

A shadow;

his tattered

and grotesque self

that lingers inside

the four walls

of a room splashed


burnt colors

of the midnight sorrow. 

Visible only

as it passes 

through the slightest

ray of light,

so narrow.

His shadow

once resided

and became 

a part of 

everything he touched,

he felt,

he observed,

he thought,

he brought,


now, it is the color

of his shadow;

the aura of opacity

that surrounds him,

that has entangled 

his channels of 

the mind,

churning daylight

out of his eyes,

that had once

made him human,

but which has now

made him accept


it is he

he who is now

a part of the darkness

of his own shadow. 

Where he must

no longer recognise light,

where rigidity and stagnancy

is what makes 

his existence right


he must reside

amidst the walls coloured 

in black,

where obscurity 

encircles his body.

Where he must breathe,

stay alive,

by absorbing 

anything that shines bright.

He realised,

that maybe

the uncertain shadow

has clasped onto him,

tighter than ever

looming in and around

his room,

casting a shade

of an enigma

around objects

that were close to him,


it was the part of

him, separate,

yet attached,

that in turn

was lonelier 

than he could ever be. 

That longed for

his touch

that wanted to be

looked upon,

yet the only one,

the only constant 

in his life,

which was often,


Ayush Banerjee
Ayush Banerjee

A poetry connoisseur, Ayush writes what he sees, experiences, and believes. 

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