The 3E Social Media Strategy Beyond the Panorama July 6, 2022

The 3E Social Media Strategy

A simple formula to create a winner social media strategy. The 3E content pillars can help you create consistent and creative content.

If making a social media strategy seems simple, you may not be doing it right. It can be simplified, sure but it takes a mountain of creative effort, business understanding, market know-how, and by the time you figure all this out, the algorithm has changed. 😐

So, while there are many ways of creating a social media plan for brands, we try to keep the process simple, straightforward and adaptable. 👇

Create content pillars, and then create month-on-month content categories.

Content pillars are your long-term communication strategy north stars. These pillars should answer the goal of dialogue with your target audience. Content categories are the fleshed-out pillars. What you are actually going to communicate on an everyday basis, that’s what content categories are. 

Think of your pillars as the ice cream cone. Content categories are the ice cream flavours that change every month. They change depending on what’s happening in the month, business and marketing objectives. 🍦

While content pillars are heavily dependent on the nature of industry and product/service, using the 3E social media strategy usually does the trick. 

The 3E content pillars of a social media strategy: 


You need to continuously educate your audience about your brand and the product on social media. Especially if you are a new brand, don’t assume people will member who you are and what you do after seeing one or two posts on social media. 


Can your content make people chuckle, make them curious, bring a smile to their face, make them nostalgic? Try to draw emotion and engage your online audience in that fraction of a second that your brand becomes visible to them on social media.


Brand advocacy is the ultimate goal. Empower your audience in ways that are meaningful to them, make them a part of the conversation on social media.

Put a method to the madness and social media will not seem so daunting anymore! 🧘‍♀️

We work with brands to build a comprehensive content strategy with customized pillars and categories. If you would like assistance with creating this for your brand, do reach out to us! 🤝

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