The Tell-Tale Heart Beyond the Panorama January 8, 2022

The Tell-Tale Heart

Written by Shreya Karande

Thou dost wear voluptuous apparel in thy grace,

Suffuse high over vales ever serene and fair.

Forlorn mentation wither with thine embrace,

For in thy clime of art we ensnare.  

A little lost and lot found in thy embosom,

Thou foster ataraxis and ponderous time.

Redolence that hence blossom,

Of all thy benignancy so sublime.

With thou hast the bliss,

Dales of purity seldom seen.

A non fading memory ever to reminisce,

The blue skies and the pines ever so green.

There’s a place that my heart dearly adhere,

Duly said, if there is heaven on earth, it’s here.

Shreya Karande
Shreya Karande

Shreya is a sublime poet, a follower of spirituality, and an observer of the intricacies of the world around her.

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