The Things They Taught Us Beyond the Panorama August 13, 2021

The Things They Taught Us

Written by Archita Nayak

They taught us to be

In the rat race for money and success,

But never gave us the freedom to choose the finish line,

To stop chasing, to be satisfied.

They taught us to believe in ourselves,

But never allowed to fly with the wings of those beliefs.

They taught us to be the best version of their expectations

By crushing your own.

They taught us to consider everyone as your competitors and not humans,

With whom you should empathize too, they are humans after all.

They taught us to be strong but never told us that it’s okay to feel weak.

That the weakness will eventually lead to strength one day.

They taught us to be independent but never made us realize that being someone’s support

And taking someone’s support, sometimes, is equally needed.

They taught us to be happy and not to make some sad person smile.

They taught us to fight without giving time to heal.

They taught us, ‘umeed par duniya kaayam hai’ but never made us realize

to give that ‘hope’ to someone who really needs it.  

They taught us to run that long But not to fly that high.

Archita Nayak<br>
Archita Nayak

Archita is a storyteller and poet, using her creativity to narrate experiences, reviews, and thoughts on spirituality.

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