The Uncertain Stages of Life Beyond the Panorama July 20, 2020

The Uncertain Stages of Life

My heart rapidly beating, competing with every drop of sweat that reached the ground. I took my steps carefully so that I won’t trip and embarrass myself in front of the whole crowd which is eagerly waiting to pass comments on my to-be-said speech. I climbed the three obstacles kept in front of me and reached the smooth carpeted surface. 

My inner voice is telling me to believe in myself while the vibes around me are scary. I caught hold of the microphone which was slipping from my sweaty palm. I closed my eyes and asked myself why I am doing this. I was doing this because I was curious to know whether I could do it. 

My speech was done. I didn’t win a prize but I achieved more than that. It was my self-confidence which I realized was lacking during my speech. I went to do something and eventually learned and realized something which might or might not help me any sooner, but it will be a life lesson I learned. 

In the journey of life, we all face different stages. Some keep going while some mistake a comma for a full stop. These stages are unique because they are full of uncertainty and that is what brings you happiness when you pass through it. These stages are like an unknown path of a never-ending mountain. It can be smooth, slimy, rocky, grainy and there can also be a landslide which you have to overcome when you walk through the path of life. There might be a shortcut to reach forward. Some might say using a shortcut is smart because smart work is better than hard work. 

I think this theory doesn’t work with life. When you go from level 1 to 2 and not from 1 to 10, the life lesson which you learned at level 1 will help you solve the mysteries of level 2. When you skip a bunch of levels then you will not have an idea of what to do in certain situations. 

Take it to step by step, it’s fine if you fall, dare to rise back up, so that you can discover the unknown mysteries of life.

Ramathillai Chockalingam
Ramathillai Chockalingam

Rama writes captivating stories, poetry, all about her adventurous travels and her thoughts on society and culture.

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