The Undiscovered Shine | Riya Kaushik Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

The Undiscovered Shine | Riya Kaushik

Wondering about the maiden’s smile

A long whisper was heard in the aisle

Poor little girl looking at the chimes

Still she stands, away almost a mile

Is there a thing which is stuck in her eye

Or the glow on her face hides a bitter lie

Amazed she seems, with her eyes open wide

Falling on her face is a pretty soothing light

Is it the blue, the red or a glowing white

All over her soul or scattered in the eyes

Held deep inside or gleaming in the wild

Looks like a friend, after ages in the sight

Segments of the rainbow reflecting in her eyes

Matching with her different shades of disguise

Touched by the divine, she forgets all her plight

To feel the same light, are you ready tonight?

Written by Riya Kaushik

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