Theia Of Personage | Celcia Jeevanantham Beyond the Panorama November 12, 2020

Theia Of Personage | Celcia Jeevanantham


Like a star engendering its own blaze,

Ignite spark with your buoyant gaze,

Create scene illumination for the fellow planets,

Who whirl around the rostrum of torment

Be a happy prince of your town,

Who scrimped benevolence from drown,

Had both heart and mind gilded with aurum,

His hubris presence ignited thronged forum,

Be a prism of lucidity and radiance,

To jot down the vibrant coterie of experience,

Yarn the semblance of vivacity,

From the spectrum of rays in visibility,

Descry the beam of wonder with capacious eyes,

As scanty vision espy diffracted black and white rye,

While broad vision with ranging thought provokes a rainbow

The way the sun changes its colour in its shine shows,

We are stance to show a discrepancy in respect to the realm,

In addition, glide conduits in your voyage,

Making sure to bring out every cloud’s silver lining,

With compassion and love as twinning,

Like a ray of sunshine after the torrential downpour,

Bring out the new seedling of fortune that is placed in their core.  

Written by Celcia Jeevanantham   

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