There They Were: My Journey with BTS Beyond the Panorama January 25, 2021

There They Were: My Journey with BTS

BTS concert

Written by Saima Ahad

Flicker, flutter, shimmering in tints of glitter.

I float and fly with these unruffled threads of the purple waters,

An aesthetic artwork; synchronizing beats of seven heart,

I soak in it when wounds grab each of my bones.

Fireflies; their glows waver ahead, in rock strewn paths of a flimsy hill,

Sometimes there for me, sometimes drowsing.

But those blends of gummy and bunny smiles,

They always twinkle upon me, from a land not seen, never been to.

I have been on the same edge of the bridge, every muffled morrow,

Fervid to see what lay unveiled, but my past froze my feet.

I glanced behind once, traces of joy gushing out of snow topped trees,

There they were,

Holding my hands, paper thin with death warmed up on it.  

I blinked and open,

I was now on the other side,

Lilac doors of Magic Shop lie in wait for me,

With warmth stretched on roads, hopping with skies and grasshoppers.

At night, the blotched moon seemed to cut me down.

I ran in despair, homes after homes.

But the doors remained tight-lipped and the windows were blind.

My eyes roamed faster than daybreaks changing into afternoons.

Again, there they were.

A cluster of seven shadows; white like heaven,

Their wings shielding me; stronger than metal, my feet sting less now.

I had stood under the fooling city’s roof; crying with stale amber leaves, 

The Autumn had left our skin bleeding, wounds that never heard of healing.

Again, there they there.

With flowers dipped in spring’s colors, splattering new lives.

There presence in pitch dark wilderness had painted millions of falling breaths.

When evening had departed,

Sunset was just an every day’s ending to me,

Today I see fireworks of daffodils and lavenders in it;

Bursting seven names in a beguiling canvas of coral.

Names that I could chant like a child does of alphabets;

Names that bought me close to me, shone me in me.

Now, in my little crib at the road’s end,

With shattering figments of candles coming from left,

I gaze at the rainstorm, it sings their presence.

I had heard them all the time;

On my way under the terrors of scorching sun,

Beside my bed, on the empty armchair.

I hope to see them, just a glance.

A far-fetched wish;

A wish only known to my shapeless diary, woven in depths of my skin.


They are there;

They will be there all the time.

The years will roll in, like feathers whirling on each gust of wind.

Still, I would be hanging,

On beginning of that summer in 2013,

With Jin, Suga, Jhope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook.


Together we call ourselves Forever Young;

Forever Young to be finding ways out of sands of miseries.

Forever Young to not weigh the entire world on our palms.

Forever Young to stop ourselves from running recklessly. .

Forever Young to dance till our souls turn into rhythms.

Saima Ahad
Saima Ahad

Saima is a connoisseur of poetry and writes beautiful verses about all the things she is passionate about.

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