This Brand is Acing the Brand Storytelling Game: 4 lessons from Sabyasachi Beyond the Panorama May 26, 2022

This Brand is Acing the Brand Storytelling Game: 4 lessons from Sabyasachi

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One of our absolute favorite brands acing the brand story and content marketing game is Sabyasachi. Over the last few years, Sabyasachi has become synonymous with opulent big fat Indian weddings. You may love it or hate it, but you definitely cannot ignore them. Well, most people do love them anyway; we do at least! 

Here are 4 lessons founders and marketers can learn from Sabyasachi

#1 – Let the product story stand out

Browse through Sabyasachi’s social media and you will notice how each post, each image lets the brand story and product story stand out. Nothing is a hard sell. It is the ideal pull strategy compared to the more resorted to push strategy.
Each collection comes with a story. The story, splendidly depicted through pictures and content is what makes the brand alluring.

#2 – Consistency

Simple, clean, design templates and kicks photoshoots – that has been Sabyasachi’s brand and communications technique for years. Even a simple scroll through their social media feed narrates a beautiful, consistent story. As a founder, your social media growth might be slow, engagement rates might drop from one month to another but that does not mean you begin to change your brand colors, fonts, graphics. To build brand recall, stay consistent with your brand’s look and feel.

#3 – Creating Aspiration

Any Bollywood wedding is incomplete without a #SabyasachiBride. The kind of aspiration the brand has been able to create amongst to-be-brides and marriage-goers is commendable. The talk of the town lately has been which Sabyasachi outfit people want to wear at their weddings. The brand story has become dinner table conversations. Now isn’t that the dream?

#4 – Feeding the Aspiration

As most brands in the luxury segment have started doing, Sabyasachi also made a the smart decision of marketing a gateway product with the signature Sabyasachi belt. More affordably priced than their other products, the belt makes the brand accessible to a large audience which would other remain in the aspiration category. This way, the brand has included many many advocates to speak the brand story.

The brand is an indeed a case study in creating and communication brand story, product stories, and integrated marketing communications.

A huge shoutout to the creative teams at Sabyasachi and all the agencies and studios that work with the brand! *hugs*

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