This Is What Today Feels Like Beyond the Panorama October 23, 2022

This Is What Today Feels Like


Are you ever in a mood where you’re bored… but don’t want to do anything?
That’s what today feels like.
Like opening your eyes on a Friday morning only to find out it’s Wednesday,
Or singing along to your favourite song and accidentally closing the app halfway.

Today feels like The Lazy Song,
It feels like someone pressing the brakes too hard when you’re taking a sip of water,
Or dipping your feet in a cold pool on a winter’s day,
That’s just what the mood is.

You know how you’re sleepy all day and then you lay awake all night, for no good reason?
That sums up today’s vibe;
Eating warm curd, and soup gone cold,
Today’s all about things going wrong.

When the clock strikes 12:00,
And all the limits feel like they’ve been crossed,
I say a little prayer for all that went good today,
The next thing I know, I opening my eyes to a sunny Saturday morning.

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