This Is Where A Little Instrospection Got Me Beyond the Panorama October 29, 2022

This Is Where A Little Instrospection Got Me

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It’s the middle of the night,
I’m living out a dream I had two months ago;
When I said, “I can’t wait for this day to come”,
Here it is.
Sounds underwhelming to any outsider, but it’s all I could think about:
Sleepless nights, daydream-induced mornings, mundane afternoons,
And now it’s the present.
I pinch myself. I’m living in the present.
Now that the night is coming to an end, I think of what’s to come tomorrow,
Then the day after, then some.
I think of all the things I want to do, bucket-list items I want to check off, and people I wish to meet;
But that’s when it hits me,
I don’t want any of these things. All I’m trying to do is subsitute my emptiness with materialistic desires.
That’s what this is about.
It took a whole lot of introspection, but I got to the bottom of it,
I got to the bottom of why people behave the way the do:
We’re all bottling our emotions and replacing them with feelings we aren’t feeling,
Like loneliness with companionship,
Sadness with exhileration,
Hope with pretense.
But deep down, we know the truth. And everyone around knows the truth.
So how long till we’re done pretending?

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